Jumat, 03 April 2015

Pinterest acqui-hires mobile publishing startup Hike Labs

Pinterest is making another acquisition to strengthen its mobile channels, or more specifically, the brainpower building those apps as mobile traffic continues to skyrocket.
The digital scrapbooking app's latest purchase is more of an acqui-hire, hiring up the team behind mobile publishing startup Hike Labs.
Founded less than a year ago in June 2014, the San Francisco-based startup spent most of its time as an independent entity building a mobile-first blogging app called Drafty, which only made it as far as a beta testing pool.
"However, we met a team along the way who shared our passion for building important products with a focus on discovery and design," wrote the two co-founders of Hike Labs in a blog post on Friday morning.
CEO Jason Shellen and engineering chief Mike Demers will join the Pinterest product and engineering teams.
Shellen, a founding member of both the Blogger and Google Reader teams, has considerable experience in the development of digital communications and online publishing platforms. Shellen also founded Thing Labs, acquired by AOL in 2010, at which point he led the relaunch and rebrand of AIM.
Demers took part in founding 9Astronauts, an application development platform, and served as CTO of YouSaidIt, a visual blogging site and an app-building service for people to build their own communities around interests.
Hike Labs marks Pinterest's seventh acquisition since launching in 2010, following Punchfork, Livestar, Hackermeter, Visual Graph, Icebergs and Kosei.
Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

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