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Pinning Videos On Pinterest

Pinning Videos On Pinterest

To pin your videos, you’ll first need the short link that leads directly to your video on YouTube.com. It’s easy to get that, the first thing you should do is to find your video in YouTube.com and simply click the share button. Click on the small Options drop-down menu near the bottom-right of the shortened embed code. Check the box marked “HD Link.” Copy the short “youtu.be” code in the slim box. Don’t use the embed code. The next you should do is to head on over to Pinterest.com. Then you have to click the Add+ link in Pinterest. Paste your shortened link and click “Find Images.” You should also try selecting your video board. Be sure to write a description in the text box. You can copy and paste your YouTube video description to this text field. Lastly you should start clicking “pin it”.

Pinterest is a great way to share expertise, especially in the DIY, crafts and cooking categories. A contractor could create a huge following with a video series of simple household repair tips. If you’re a realtor or an interior designer, Pinterest is a great place to show off a beautiful home. Landscapers can also show off their work. A great way to take advantage of the social aspects of Pinterest is to create a collaborative board. If you’re connected with your friends, customers or stake holders, add them to a collaborative board and invite them to post their videos.

If you have a brick and mortar store, encourage customers to shoot a quick video of the product they’ve just bought. Reward those who share their videos on Pinterest or who add content to your collaborative board. If you embed a lot of videos on your website or blog, ask visitors to pin your video. Many Pinterest users have browser plugins that allow them to easily pin website content. As you produce your videos, keep Pinterest in mind. You may find yourself making videos exclusively for Pinterest. Don’t be afraid to ask people within your video to re-pin it after they’ve watched.

As Pinterest continues to grow and evolve, video content will become more common-place. Now is the time to get in on the ground floor. Learning the things about Pinterest is actually fun yet challenging. You will definitely enjoy this one kind of social media which provides you of very many good things as a user. It is true that many people have taken advantage of such social media. It will be a wise decision on your end as an entrepreneur if you will utilize every social media available. This will definitely lead you to acquiring as much viewers as you want to help your business grow.

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